The Carver High School Alumni Association would like to thank each person who is an active member, without you, our cause couldn’t be met.


As an Association, we have provided thousand of dollars in scholarships in as well as provided additional monies to students for athletic packages, cap and gowns, prom, etc.   This is possible because of the support we’ve had from you, and we haven’t even reached everyone yet!!   Imagine the good that could be done if ALL Alumni were working together!    Here are few facts that you may not be aware of:

  FACT: One hundred percent of profits from scholarship fundraisers go towards scholarships.

  FACT: Fifty percent of membership fees go towards scholarships.

  FACT: Each year we offer the new graduates free membership for a  year. 

         Join the Official CHS National Alumni Association!!

 Please complete and return the sign up application along with your $39.00 to become a member or renew your membership in this great organization. 

If you would like to make application to the board please send a letter stating why you want to be board member along with your application and $39.00


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